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This App assembles Takashima Kaemon's book "Takashima's I-Ching Judgements", giving you goodness, badness and directions of each hexagram. With the most sincerity and belief, you will get the clearest way.

Takashima Donsyou (高島吞象) , borned in 1832 died in 1914 , was formerly known as Takashima Kaemon (高島嘉右衛門) and called himself Donsyou (吞象). He was a famous industrialist in Yokohama. Due to business policy violation, he was imprisoned for five years when he was 28 years old. In prison he started studying ancient Chinese oracle : "I-Ching" , applied to his life, and got excellent results. Since then, he firmly believe in "I Ching".

After prison, his business got enormous improvement because of the Meiji Restoration, and he got many opportunities to contact with political and business celebrities. He often used I-Ching to solve personnel disputes even international situations. His predictions was sometimes presented to the Prime Minister, and even adopted by the Emperor of Japan.

The most famous predictions includes the results of Sino-Japanese War, with the signing of Treaty of Shimonoseki. Even France, Germany and Russia interfered the contract was predicted by him! He was later known as "I-Ching Master" in Japan.


Please stay in a quiet environment, keep your mind peaceful, breath slowly, concentrate on your own questions and pray for the prediction. Then shake the phone 6 times, and you will obtain the Hexagram. Be sure to mind specifically, do not be disturbed by outside noise, and simply focus on thing you would like to know. If you are sincere in divination, the result will be very accurate!


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