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My Projects

Destiny Coin

This App assembles Takashima Kaemon's book "Takashima's I-Ching Judgements", giving you goodness, badness and directions of each hexagram. With the most sincerity and belief, you will get the clearest way. <more>

MyFunWoo App

This App is the mobile phone version of MyFunWoo.com (Web Service for searching foreclosed houses in Taiwan). It make foreclosed houses search more convenient anywhere and anytime. <more>

Buddhist Instruments

This widget can help you easily operate the Buddhist instruments such as Wooden Fish, Drum, Bell, Musical Stone and so on when you do the Buddhist ceremony. <more>

Complaint Free Count

This widget not only help us to trace our performance of Complaint Free® Life, but also make everyone be aware of what we usually complain for. We could be conscious of what we should do to improve our life. <more>

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